For all you know there could be a shadowy Goddess cult ruling the world with us all just tiny cogs in its system… things are changing, can’t you sense it?

Cultivated Girl Book Cover
The Cultivated Girl

Daughter to a diplomat or not, Simone is just your average, bored teenager. Until she wakes up in a parallel world, sworn to a goddess she didn’t know existed.

To escape the convent, Simone has to learn to fight, cast magic and of all things, cook with four female creatures from very different worlds.

Just who is Simone’s mother and where does her loyalty lie? Before long Simone has to decide where she belongs. Will she embrace her destiny and stay at Sanctuary even if the price is murder? The fate of the world and Simone’s soul, lies in the balance.

Read it on Wattpad.

This YA urban fantasy is up there with Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. It has a kick-ass heroine, a Goddess cult running our world, dolphin people and even a telepathic plant sentient.


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