I adore art, especially anything quirky or provocative, with illustrations and photographs top of my collectibles list. I love the way a simple image (not so simple if you read any of the interviews I’ve conducted with artists) can represent an entire manuscript with the stroke of a pen; the way the light falls through an object…

But enough of that. The early versions of this website featured art by Winona Cookie and Marisol Spoon. I now usually post fantastic illustrators and their art on Pinterest and Instagram. I would like to present the talented and inspiring artists that first sent my muse into a frothy ecstasy of ideas:


Winona Cookie is an artist based in San Diego where she creates gorgeous works in mixed media and pens stories to go with them. When she’s not creating, she’s listening; Winona runs her own private practice as a psychologist.

I stumbled across this image at Redbubble, “the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace” online. Their words not mine but I happen to agree. You can find out about Teacup Travelers (image on the left) here and purchase her work. I could elaborate on how inspiring I find all her collages, from the Magic Masquerade Train to the Telephone Fairy but I won’t. I’ll leave the joy of discovery to you.

teacup3Marisol Spoon is a husband/wife artist team who hail from the  Appalachian mountains.

I found A Long Trip to Teatime on Etsy and when I reeled in the links I discovered more enchanting images and bookplates and postcards and stationery to covet on their webpage. There’s even a cuckoo clock.


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